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Visit Patnitop to explore the beauty of hill station

Patnitop tourism is one of the beautiful hill station situated in Jammu and Kashmir.  This delightful plateau is of 6,640 feet above the sea level. The Patnitop’s amazing land is encircled by thick woods and lavish foliage of pine trees. If you want relax for sometime from your routine life than this place is the idle choice. Feel the freshness of nature with your family and get relaxed from your work. This hill station has dazzling sightseeing places and stirring views. There is one river ‘Chenab’ is flowing immediacy from this picturesque hill station. Patnitop is one of the frequent tourist destination of Jammu and Kashmir.

The old name of Patnitop is ‘Patan-da-talab’ which means ‘The Pond of Princess’. In past years, the pond existed in the meadows for selected princess to bath there. Small part of that pond is still be present close to youth hostel. When our country is ruled by Britishers, they were facing problem to pronounce this city name correctly for their revenue records. To solve this difficulty, the name has changed from ‘Patan-da-Talab’ to ‘Patnitop’

How to reach this lovely hill station? :

Jummu and Kashmir is the famous state of India for its natural beauty and known as heaven on Earth. One of its hill station – Patnitop, lesser known, but Patnitop has no less beauty compare to other hill station. This city is the great holiday location of Udampur district, Jammu and Kashmir state of India. When you left Srinagar to reach Udhampur, this city comes on the National route 1A and can be reached by local taxi or bus.

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Best season to visit Patnitop :

In winter season, the whole Patnitop is covered by snow. So the skiing passionate visit the Patnitop during winter from mid October to February. The summer season is mild and inviting from mid March to June. In this time you can visit all the places and do the nature walk. The monsoon is not very harsh in the months of July to September to visit Patnitop.

Patnitop sightseeing

Patnitop is a beautiful hill station in Kashmir. Every year many tourists visit this beautiful hill station. During the festive...

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